7:30 am Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Moving the Needle With Mass Timber Projects

7:40 am Panel: Working With Building Authorities to Streamline the Permitting & Approval Process for Your Project


  • Creating an open and honest dialogue with officials during schematic design to get their support early in the process
  • Understanding the best ways to communicate details of your project effectively to improve the likelihood of permit approval
  • Cooperating with research institutions to test new concepts and provide the data to jurisdictional authorities to secure approval of innovative design features

8:20 am Milwaukee’s 25-Story Ascent Tower: Pushing the Boundaries to Build Taller With Mass Timber

  • Jason Korb Principal Architect, Korb + Associates Architects
  • Tim Gokhman Managing Director , New Land Enterprises


  • Addressing concerns that arose as a barrier to pursuing a taller building to convince the client it was the right decision for the project
  • Revealing the additional processes that were considered alongside traditional workflows to accommodate the complexity of high-rise building codes
  • Harnessing lessons learned from building to higher limits to continue to evolve codes and build taller

9.30 am | Exhibition Networking & Morning Refreshments

Optimizing Collaboration With All Project Stakeholders

10:10 am Master-Builder-Mindset: Leveraging the Design-Build Approach


  • Discovering how earlier collaboration with engineer-builders can help improve structural efficiency and decrease schedule and cost
  • Understanding how the engineer-builder can mitigate owner risk – locking in costs earlier than conventional design-bid-build approaches
  • Establishing a culture of trust and transparency, so decisions are informed and made with confidence

10:50 am Case Study: Discovering How Our Team Collaborated in a Design-Assist Partnership to Improve Coordination & Decision-Making


  • Highlighting how early involvement from trades and installers influenced constructability of critical design details
  • Underlining the challenges associated with setting up a design-assist workflow and how we overcame them
  • Addressing lessons learned with design-assist: What could we have done differently to further improve our approach?

Optimizing Transportation & Staging

10:10 am Uncovering Best Practices for Trucking & Staging Materials to Reduce Damage to Timber & Increase Installation Efficiency

  • Dave Beck Executive Vice President, XL Construction


  • Discovering best practices to protect timber against damage during shipping and delivery
  • Storing the materials effectively to manage the delivery of products onsite
  • Evaluating how to strategically load materials onto the truck to ease the offloading process
  • Training field workers on the specifics of erection and material handling so that they clearly follow the installer’s guidelines

10:50 am Implementing Robust Quality Controls to Ensure Envelope Tightness With a Timber Façade

  • Lily Huang Associate Director - Building Innovations, Sidewalk Labs
  • Andrew Manto Associate Director - Fabrication Architecture, Sidewalk Labs


  • Detecting common quality issues that occur during installation and testing air and water tightness of the envelope
  • Harnessing mock-ups to identify potential challenges and inform installation best practice
  • Implementing a robust QA/QC plan to mitigate faults occurring in the envelope
  • Discovering the research and development that created a façade product and revealing lessons learned from the cladding of a 35-story tower

11:30 am | Lunch Break

Exploring the Future of Design

1:00 pm Discovering How More Sophisticated Fire Testing Is Opening Doors to Greater Exposure of Mass Timber Elements

  • Jason Smart Engineering Technology Manager, American Wood Council


  • Dispelling the myths associated with wood and fire resistance to combat uncertainty over product safety
  • Understanding the results of recent studies on fire resistance to help increase the percentage exposure of wood on projects
  • Interpreting changing codes to think outside the box on alternative approaches for exposing timber

1:40 pm Audience Discussion: Exploring the Feasibility of Design for Manufacture & Assembly – Disassembly & Reuse (DfMA-DR) of Mass Timber Structures


  • Uncovering why companies are looking at DfMA-DR as an option: What are the benefits of this new approach?
  • Addressing the design and material limitations to discover whether it is possible to disassemble and reassemble the building in a different location
  • Investigating how designers are approaching the construction of volumetric modules of timber to facilitate the disassembly, transportation and reassembly

Protecting Materials During Installation

1:00 pm Revealing Best Practices for Moisture Control & Mitigation During Installation to Protect Exposed Timber


  • Understanding how timber can change form due to moisture and developing a contingency plan to cope with unexpected emergencies
  • Coordinating with suppliers for advice on how best to protect their specific material
  • Discovering the types of solutions for on site management and remediation

1:40 pm Case Study: Taking Lessons Learned From Moisture Control Failures

  • Zach Brehm Senior Project Manager, Swinerton Builders


  • Revealing our plans to protect wood at all stages of shipping, delivery and where this went wrong
  • Coping with conflicting advice: How did we balance opinions when stakeholders offer contradictory advice
  • Dealing with wood stains and discoloration after water damage occurs to alleviate aesthetic concerns

2.15 pm | Afternoon Refreshments

2:40 pm Diving into Advanced BIM Coordination for Mass Timber

  • Chad Tonge Virtual Design & Construction Manager, Swinerton Builders
  • Benjamin Wright Virtual Design and Construction Engineer, Timberlab
  • Lauren Magasko Virtual Design and Construction Engineer, Timberlab


  • Addressing ownership of the BIM model during design and construction to ensure project teams are aligned on who is responsible for the organization and coordination during construction
  • Ensuring all project teams are equipped with how best to use BIM to guarantee the model is updated accurately and in real-time for improved transparency
  • Discovering lessons learned from previous projects to prevent new teams reinventing the wheel with BIM coordination

The Future of Mass Timber

3:20 pm Panel: Exploring the Future of Mass Timber: Trends, Supply Chains & Code Boundaries

  • David Crabtree Corporate, Commercial, & Civic Practice Leader | Design Leader, Perkins&Will
  • David Lieberman Project Architect, The Miller Hull Partnership, LLP
  • Lucas Epp Vice President & Head of Engineering, StructureCraft
  • Russ Vaagen CEO, Vaagen Timbers
  • Ricky McLain Senior Technical Director Tall Wood, WoodWorks


  • Discussing the current trajectory for the adoption of mass timber and assessing how to accelerate the timeline for it to become mainstream
  • Investigating the current challenges associated with supply chain agility: How can we better cope
    with lumber market volatility, disruption and non-standardized products to make mass timber a more appealing option?
  • Lifting the lid on current code considerations: How will codes continue to evolve to continue innovation?

4:00 pm Chairs’ Closing Remarks