7:30 am Chair’s Welcome

Pushing the Limits With Mass Timber Construction

7:40 am Case Study: Exploring Lessons Learned From the Development of Carbon12


  • Examining how the final building met initial project expectations and the true benefits seen from employing mass timber
  • Highlighting how early integration by all parties and a structured design-assist process optimized project objectives
  • Underlining the workflow challenges faced by the project team and reviewing lessons learned to improve future project efficiency and delivery

8:05 am Optimizing BIM Coordination With Design & MEP Partners to Prevent Clashes With Architectural & Structural Disciplines


  • Mapping out the A-Z coordination process: What needs to be considered, when, and to what level of detail to make coordination effective on a mass timber project?
  • Harnessing lessons learned in BIM coordination to more effectively schedule installation phases in the field and reduce potential rework
  • Assessing the ROI of more extensive BIM coordination to determine maximum profitability: Does it actually make sense for the overall lifecycle cost?

Understanding & Negotiating Codes in Mass Timber Construction

8:30 am Busting Myths & Expanding Opportunities With Future Code Development

  • Jason Smart Engineering Technology Manager, American Wood Council


  • Lifting the lid on current code considerations for mass timber projects: How have codes evolved in recent years and what has this meant for different stages of project development?
  • Highlighting common misunderstandings of current codes and what these clauses truly mean for project teams
  • Assessing future code provisions: What developments are on the horizon that may change the way we build in the coming years?

8:50 am Break/Refresh

9:15 am Navigating Jurisdictional Codes & Building Strong Relations With Local Inspections Agencies to Approve Innovative Construction Methodologies


  • Evaluating the nuances of code restrictions that may hinder the uptake of timber construction: What were the concerns of our inspectors?
  • Building a business case and cooperating with regulatory authorities to overcome code related challenges
  • Exploring best practices for educating local inspectors during the early stages of a project to gain their support and open doors for further innovation

9:35 am Live Q&A


Get answers to your most pressing challenges, in this live Q&A session.

9:55 am Taking Mass Timber to the Mainstream: How Manufacturers can Help Shape the Market


  • Collaborating with manufacturers to enhance product development in response to
    the market needs as it grows and changes
  • Rethinking commoditization of designs to assist in the growth and acceptance of
    the industry
  • Designing for optimization to improve the providing greater time and cost savings
    and meet client expectations

10:20 am Understanding the Performance Requirements and Relevant Standards to Individual Components

  • Robert Schmidt Vice President - Global Adhesives Growth and Innovation, Hexion


Mass timber members for larger-scale residential and commercial construction offer numerous EPS benefits over traditional building materials. However, as recent unfortunate events such as the Grenfell Tower have shown us, it is crucial that we understand the performance requirements and the associated relevant standards relating to the individual components as well as the composites themselves across a variety of circumstances. Join this session to address these performance considerations pertaining to the selection of adhesives in mass timber manufacturing.

10:30 am Speed Networking


Grab a quick cup of coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen and jump straight into this exclusive virtual speed networking! This session is the ideal opportunity to meet face-to-face and establish meaningful business relationships.

Optimizing Installation in the Field

11:00 am Planning For Rapid Assembly Of Mass Timber Buildings

  • Brent Olund Vice President - Sustainable Construction, Urban One Builders


  • Designing structural connections to accommodate and absorb stack tolerances to
    speed up erection time
  • Planning measures specifically toward Just-In-Time delivery of the structure and
    building envelope components to overcome potential delays
  • Assessing span-suitability and panelization to improve on-site assembly and
    speed to market

11:20 am Revealing Best Practices for Protecting Mass Timber Buildings During Onsite Installation

  • Graham Finch Principal - Building Science Research Specialist, RDH


  • Reviewing the latest innovative methods to protect mass timber from moisture at all stages of the project and reviewing protection requirements of exposed vs covered timber
  • Understanding the potential long-term impact of not protecting assemblies effectively and the temporary measures that need to be put in place to prevent potential rework
  • Planning installation precautions and coordinating with fabricators and suppliers for a successful installation

11:40 am Live Q&A

  • Brent Olund Vice President - Sustainable Construction, Urban One Builders
  • Graham Finch Principal - Building Science Research Specialist, RDH

11:50 am Break/Refresh

12:00 pm Panel: Exploring the Future of the Supply Chain & What’s on the Horizon for Mass Timber Construction?


  • A paradigm shift: Discussing the current trajectory for mass timber adoption and what needs to be done to accelerate this timeline
  • Exploring the current challenges of a limited supply chain and how the industry is evolving to meet increased
  • Advancing collaboration between designers and industry stakeholders to replicate the automotive industry’s use of proto-models to test designs to more efficiently integrate cradle to cradle thinking

12:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

12:50 pm End of Day Two

Post-Conference Workshops to Start at 1.30pm