Post-Conference Workshops

Join us after day two (September 30) of the main conference for a deeper dive, in these post conference workshops.

Workshop A: 1.30-2.30pm

A Practical Guide to Designing for Mass Timber Projects

As mass timber construction continues to develop, it has become an increasingly viable choice for architects. However, although there are rational, technical and architectural gains to be made by using mass timber, it is a challenging medium to work with. An in-depth understanding of the product, its limitations and how it goes together is critical to adhere to safety requirements, meet architectural and structural design aims and reduce project costs.

Therefore, this workshop will:

  • Underline the design opportunities and constraints of working with mass timber, and how this translates into various project solutions
  • Address the change in mindset required to design with mass timber, from where to start through level of detail required for manufacturing success
  • Explore early material selection for mass timber: How can you determine the most appropriate structural materials and connections?
  • Review how the material behaves with other building systems to ensure a holistic design and coordination process

Allowing you to leave able to:

  • Utilize mass timber in building applications by combining an architectural and structural engineering perspective
  • Apply practical and technical design knowledge to ensure the effective performance of connections in mass timber
  • Learn how to make project coordination more efficient, harnessing the insight of all project partners

Workshop Leader: 


Brian Campa
Principal – Design Director
Cooper Carry

2.30 Break/Refresh

Workshop B: 3.00-4.00pm

Looking Inside a Mass Timber Construction Facility: How Is Automation Changing the Way We Manufacture Mass Timber Products?

The adoption of conventional manual construction techniques for mass timber is widespread, reducing efficiency and increasing costs. Despite this, advancements in technology are improving automation in manufacturing processes, allowing manufacturers to meet a higher demand of products whilst still meeting necessary quality standards.

Therefore, this workshop will discuss:

  • Applying a holistic approach of design driven mass timber: How do we achieve a seamless flow from design through fabrication?
  • Optimizing the layout and flow of materials through the facility to improve production efficiency
  • Overviewing traditional approaches to manufacturing mass timber products and how the introduction of CNC machinery is actually improving speed and accuracy of production

Allowing you to leave able to:

  • Understand the end-to-end production workflow and how designers can meet realistic expectations
  • Integrate and collaborate the automation of design, construction, engineering and manufacturing
  • Optimize offsite construction workflows to improve efficiency and reduce costs

Workshop Leader: 


Nick Milestone