Pre-Conference Workshop Day
September 12, 2022

Workshop A: Discussing Key Considerations to Achieve a Successful Mass Timber Delivery


  • Outlining the project delivery process and its barriers including supply chain disruptions
  • Exploring the benefits of working with mass timber
  • Discussing the challenges in the industry with the rest of the audience

Workshop Leader:

MichelleKam-Biron (002)

Michelle Kam-Biron
Mass Timber Specialist

12.00 Lunch Break

Workshop B: The Evolution of Connection Technology: Selecting & Detailing the Right Option for Your Project

1pm - 3pm

Evaluating the range of options available for connection technology today and the pros and cons of various solutions

  • Getting a clear picture of client needs, code provisions and typical constructability issues upfront to optimize design decisions for your project
  • Mapping out the process for delegated design of structural connections to minimize rework: What was the workflow and costs of this process?
  • Discussing the latest developments in fire testing and ratings of connections to expand the options available

Workshop Leaders:

Hans-Erik Blomgren

Hans-Erik Blomgren
Senior Engineer Manager

Ben Wright

Ben Wright
Senior VDC Engineer

3pm Afternoon Refreshments

Workshop C: Optimizing Trade Coordination During the Design Stage to Maximize Efficiency

3:30pm - 5:30pm

  • Exploring how to properly integrate and digitize workflows during the design stage to avoid conflicts during construction
  • Addressing the need for integrated services and buildings and how to connect the dots between what the industry wants and how to approach that during the design phase
  • Discussing what we need to change to allow a simpler process of integrating services into a building system

Workshop Leaders:

Maria Laguarda-Mallo

María Laguarda-Mallo, Ph.D.
Project Director
VIATechnik LLC