Advancing Mass Timber Construction 2022 has now run. A massive thank you to all speakers, sponsors, partners and attendees who made it such a great few days. Keep your eyes for updates on 2023's event!

Building the Playbook for the Future of Taller, More Innovative Timber Structures 

Optimize the End-to-End Design & Construction Workflow for Delivering High-Quality, Cost Competitive, Sustainable Mass Timber Buildings

Hundreds of Clients, Contractors, Designers, Manufacturers and Installation Firms are currently either getting started with mass timber or exploring how to advance their next mass timber project.

At the 3rd Advancing Mass Timber Construction, all these parties will come together to discuss the latest advancements and best practices related to: trade coordination, building a business case for clients and AHJs; Hybrid Designs, Timber Protection on the Jobsite, Sustainability and much, much more.

As the community fights to improve cooperation during the design process and work with the latest code developments it is key we come together to overcome these common challenges together to build the playbook for the future of more innovative mass timber structures.

Whether you are brand new when it comes to mass timber, or whether you want to drive innovation for your next project this conference is a must to attend. You will walk away with a new network of mass timber specialists, solutions for some common problems and renewed enthusiasm for working with mass timber and a better idea of what is possible and what the future holds.

Highlights for the 2022 Conference Include:

  • Optimizing Trade Coordination During the Design Stage:
    Maximize Efficiency by Addressing the Need for Integrated Services and How to Connect the Dots Between What the Industry Wants and How to Approach that During Design
  • Evaluating the Cost Realities of Working with Mass Timber:
    Present a More Compelling Business Case to Potential Clients and Understanding when the Use of Mass Timber Becomes Appropriate in a Cost Environment
  • Exclusive DCAMM Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) Site Tour
    Hear how the full project team collaborated to bring the client’s vision to reality, overcame procurement hurdles and project constraints, and successfully delivered a state funded urban infill type III-B office building.
  • Reevaluating Installation Logistics:
    Save Time & Labor and Build a Robust Plan to Prevent Issues and Maximize Speed of Erection

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"This was a really great experience. You all did a fantastic job. I’m really looking forward to this again next year."
Senior Associate, Sidewalk Labs


"Outstanding baseline to jump into the future of the building industry here and now!"
Portland State University


"Informative, eyeopening, and has generated enthusiasm for upcoming future opportunities."
Vice President & Director – Construction, CDI Contractors