About Event

This event is part of the Advancing Construction series, which delivers over a dozen conferences and attracts over 3000 attendees annually. 83% of ENR Top 100 contractors have attended our events.

Every topic on the event agenda has been qualified through in-depth industry research to ensure that you stay at the forefront of the cutting-edge tools, techniques and strategies to enhance efficiency throughout the project workflow.

What’s more, we ask our presenters to deliver real world case studies and ‘how to’ guidance, as opposed to theory or future plans. We understand the value of hearing not just ideas, but lessons learned, and mistakes made by experienced teams to inform your own mass timber strategy.

That's why in 2021, Advancing Mass Timber Construction is returning with:

  • 2 tracks of dedicated content
  • 6 deep-dive technical workshops
  • 50+ speakers
  • 30+ hours of world-class content and learning opportunities
  • 12+ hours of networking with industry trailblazers
  • And more....

Don't miss this chance to reunite, face-to-face, with hundreds of clients, contractors, designers, and manufacturers united in the pursuit of greater adoption and optimization of mass timber projects for the first time in over a year.

Walk away with actionable insights to optimize every stage of your mass timber project from conceptualization, through design, manufacture and installation.

Download the full event guide here to see what exactly you can look forward to.