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9:00 am Check-In & Networking

10:00am Workshop A

Educating Owners on Mass Timber Project Requirements to Ensure Project Viability


This session is tailored to individuals embarking on their first projects to help them to educate owners on the viability of mass timber projects, emphasizing its benefits and cost effectiveness compared to traditional materials. Attendees will learn to identify project characteristics favoring timber, understand cost advantages, and appreciate the value of early partner involvement for risk reduction and effective design decisions

Join this workshop to:

  • Explore project characteristics and priorities that determine timber the best option, or determine timber no longer viable
  • Establish cost variances compared to traditional materials to help owners understand the commitment
  • Communicate the importance of bringing partners on early to support effective design decision making, and how this actually reduces risk

12:00 pm Lunch Break

1:00pm Workshop B

Selecting the Right Manufacturing Partner That Meets Your Project Specifications


This workshop is designed to assist participants in choosing the ideal manufacturing partner tailored to their project needs. Key highlights include exploring the capabilities and limitations of leading suppliers in North America, understanding wood species performance, and discussing procurement models and their impact on project cost and delivery.

Join this workshop to:

  • Explore the different capabilities and limitations of the main supplier partners available in North America
  • Understand the performance characteristics of different wood species in fire, seismic events, and other factors to select the right option for your project
  • Discuss the different procurement models utilized by various timber providers to understand how this may impact project cost and delivery

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

3:30pm Workshop C

Exploring Connection Options for Mass Timber Projects to Ensure Structural Durability, Yet Efficiency of Construction

  • Sarah FitzMaurice Director -Director of Project Delivery, Associate Principal, Fast + Epp


This workshop is a one stop shop for all things connection design: exploring options for mass timber projects, addressing cost, integrity, emissions, and schedule impacts. It simplifies connection design while meeting manufacturer requirements.

Join this workshop to:

  • Exploring the common types of connections that can be used, and how your decision of what to use can impact project costs, structural integrity, carbon emissions and schedule
  • Working with manufacturers to define their requirements and simplify connection design without impacting overall project efficiency
  • Clarifying the provisions that require sealants or adhesives at the intersection between mass timber members and how to navigate this with code officials
  • Assessing alternative solutions to mass timber connections such as all wood joinery to keep up with industry innovations

5:30 pm End of Workshop Day