In addition to the main conference and workshops program, this year Advancing Mass Timber Construction will be offering a limited number of places for you and your team to visit mass timber buildings and get up close with the finished product.

  • Places are limited to 25 people per tour and will be filled on a first come, first served basis
  • Timings listed do not include travel to and from the venue
  • Tour places will be reserved to one tour per person

10:00am-12:00pm – 1030 MUSIC ROW

A long-time client of Anecdote asked for a new product that would appeal to tenants seeking a fresh, exciting office space in
Nashville’s famous and evolving Music Row neighborhood. The solution was the region’s first large-scale, mass timber structure; a five-story, class-A office building with 4 levels of underground parking. The wood not only creates a warm, comfortable, and visually interesting interior environment, but it is also uniquely sustainable compared to other structural materials. A focal point of the building’s design was the health and wellbeing of its occupants. The timber’s biophilic properties contribute to a calm, creative environment; needle point bipolar ionization and high-quality filtration improve air quality; and touch-less door and elevator operation reduce bacterial cross transmission.


Tour Host

Anecdote is a leading Nashville-based architecture and design firm that believes every design solution should reflect the essence of its clients and their culture. Since 1984, Anecdote has designed some of the region’s most iconic civic and cultural architectural projects, including the Music City Center, Country Music Hall of Fame, Frist Art Museum, Belcourt Theatre, and have designed three mass timber buildings within the southeast region. Rooted in Nashville, a city known for storytelling, the creatives at Anecdote work to defy preconceptions; to craft new narratives through unforgettable structures that make us think and feel.

1:00pm-3:00pm – Nashville Warehouse

Nashville Warehouse, the city’s first large-scale mass timber structure, consists of two five-story office buildings within a mixeduse development. These buildings feature gable roofs creating vaulted spaces that highlight the warmth of wood. Prefabricated DLT panels, supported by a Glulam post and beam frame, are anchored to concrete cores transferring lateral loads to the foundations. Key design considerations included column grid size, MEP routing, and facade integration. A purlin framing system was proposed for material efficiency and connection simplicity. Vaulted ceilings on the top floors expose DLT panels, with intricate CNC machining creating a beautiful interior space.


Tour Host

As a timber engineering and construction firm, StructureCraft has designed and built over 5 million square feet of structures across North America and Asia. Our 200+ team, based in Canada, USA, and Europe, excels in engineering with all the structural materials (typically engaging as the Engineer of Record of the entire structure in addition to the timber subcontractor), parametric design, BIM, software development, project management and detailed fabrication. Our R&D department is equipped to perform various structural/vibration testing facilities, and full-scale mock-ups, enabling creativity, craftsmanship and efficiency and leading the mass timber revolution.

3:30pm-5:30pm – Community Foundations of Middle Tennessee

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee approached the design team looking to create an office space that was
uniquely their own, embracing their dedication to the public. The Foundation envisioned a new building that would be a
welcoming resource to the community, providing diverse meeting spaces equipped to host various events, as well as an
expansive private and open office space buzzing with their own operations. The wood served to tell the story of the client to all who visited, marketing them as an innovative and thoughtful organization while also creating a unique branding opportunity. Celebrating their past and current identity was an important fusion to consider in the new space.


Tour Host

Skanska uses knowledge and foresight to shape the way people live, work, and connect. More than 135 years in the making, we’re one of the world’s largest construction and development companies. In 2023, construction in the U.S. generated $7.1 billion in revenue. We have completed numerous mass timber projects nationwide, underscoring our commitment to sustainability. We aim to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in our operations by 2045 and target a substantial 70 percent reduction by 2030.