8:00 am Networking Breakfast & Registration

Managing Supply, Demand & Insurance

8:40 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Ricky McLain Growth & Innovation Program Manager, WoodWorks

8:50 am Panel: Overcoming Insurance Challenges in Mass Timber Projects 2.0


• Examining how quality assurance processes and certifications can provide evidence of the durability and safety of mass timber, helping to reduce insurance premiums

• Discussing how partnerships between stakeholders in the construction and insurance industries can lead to more reasonable insurance packages for mass timber projects

• Analyzing the evolution of the insurance market and the role that insurance firms can play in supporting the growth of mass timber in the future, including through innovative risk management solutions and tailored insurance products

9:30 am Building Durability into CLT & Mass Timber Structures

  • Jeff Lloyd Senior Vice President Innovation and Sustainability, Nisus Corp


  • Globally, USDA and many research experts have highlighted the need to ensure durability and protection from wood destroying insects and fungi, noting these areas as the primary remaining challenges for the CLT/Mass Timber industry
  • The science of durability is a critical component of good design. Termite damage and biological degrade can occur at any time during the life of the structure. Damage from these events can be extremely expensive and is not covered by insurance
  • In this talk, we'll discuss the latest research and durability solutions that can help protect architects, owners, lenders, builders and the future of the industry

10:00 am Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

Track 1: Improving Future Design Decisions

Track 2: Cost & Carbon Reduction

10:40 am Unlocking the Power of Informed Design Decision Making: A Roadmap to Maximize Cost & Schedule Savings for Clients


• Educating the client on how crucial decisions they make in the early planning stages will impact timber feasibility 

• Addressing the changes that need to be made to traditional design workflows to optimize decision making: How do we get the client bought into their design-assist process? 

• Leveraging data, digital tools and integrated workflows to improve the quality of design decision-making

11:20 am Outside of Orthogonal: Pushing the Boundaries in Mass Timber Design and Engineering


• Explore the possibilities of mass timber in atypical projects from long span to complex geometries in multiple sectors

• Discuss timber implementation in curved shell, folded plate, and catenary systems including structural performance and connection detailing

• Discuss aspects of designing and delivering novel structural solutions in mass timber including research and development, jurisdictional challenges, and lessons learned

10:40 am Audience Discussion: Discovering How You Can Collaborate With Suppliers to Enhance Estimation Accuracy & Overcome a Lack of Historical Data


• Outlining the cost data manufactures can provide, and to what specificity with only conceptual design information to hand: What additional information can you provide to enhance this?

• Analyzing the various ways this data can help support design decisions and more accurate project estimates

• Exploring appropriate strategies for incentivizing and securing risk for manufacturers to share this data upfront

11:20 am Understanding Embodied Carbon in Mass Timber Projects to Enhance Competitiveness

  • Alex Zink Architect, The Miller Hull Partnership
  • Nick Clesi Project Manager, The Miller Hull Partnership


• Reviewing embodied carbon for mass timber and hybrid mass timber buildings compared to traditional structures

• Analyzing embodied carbon for deconstruction of existing timber structures

• Discussing how DLT can provide acoustic and finish solutions that also reduce cost and embodied carbon

• Sourcing sustainable and local wood for mass timber projects

• Paving the way for healthier mass timber solutions through EPD's

12:00 pm Decades of Destruction: Formosan & Native Subterranean Termites


  • See how climate change, with warmer and wetter conditions enables Fomosan termites to move steadily north from the Gulf Coast
  • Learn why the best way to prevent termites is to use physical barriers to block their access to food (woof), moisture and shelter from predators
  • Identify how preconstruction planning, waterproofing, and physical barriers prevent termites and future damage

12:30 pm Networking Lunch

Track 1: Optimizing Cost Through Design

Track 2: Driving Wood Durability

1:30 pm Panel: Exploring Potential Design Adaptations to Reduce Overall Project Cost

  • Dean Lewis Director of Mass Timber and Prefabrication, Skanska
  • Leif Johnson Structural Engineering Director, StructureCraft
  • Josh Dortzbach Principal, Forefront Structural Engineers


• Establishing a comprehensive understating of your client’s requirements, code provisions and common constructability issues at the very beginning of your project to ensure the best design choices 

• Overviewing various adaptations that can save money project that still satisfy the brief, but help mass timber become a more competitive option 

• Ensuring early collaboration between design and construction teams to balance cost, quality and aesthetic of the final build

2:10 pm The Owner’s Rep’s Perspective: Discovering Ways You Can Provide Cost Confidence to Your Client & Help Alleviate Budget Concerns

  • Thomas Lawlor Associate Director, Turner & Townsend
  • Paul Fostun Associate Director, Cost Management, Turner & Townsend


• Overviewing the current state of play with cost volatility of timber and how this is impacting estimation accuracy

• Uncovering ways you can use accessible data to produce projection and benchmarks and tips on how to demonstrate this information to make it easy to digest

• Confronting the best ways to have a transparent conversation with your client regarding the reality of cost volatility in the market at the moment to secure buy-in, while mitigating risk for your firm

1:30 pm Audience Discussion: Mastering Moisture Mitigation: How Can You Ensure Your Plan Is Fit for Any Storm?


• Sharing the most common challenges mass timber projects have faced with regard to water damage post construction that should always be considered

• Reflecting on the measures taken to overcome these in the past, understanding what worked and what didn’t

• Creating a robust and bespoke plan to mitigate moisture damage, taking the type, age and origin of wood into account

2:10 pm Exploring the Ongoing Research Project: The 10 Story Shake Table Test


• Overviewing the Shake Table Test and mapping out the project objectives 

• Highlighting the main reasons a test like this was needed: what limitations and challenges have we been facing as an industry?

• Exploring the importance of the test and highlighting the key ways the outcomes of the research project will enhance seismic design & construction

• Revealing the insights and learnings of the Shake Table Test thus far

2:50 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Increasing Client Buy-In

3:30 pm Forecasting the Future of Mass Timber Supply & Demand to Stay Competitive & Set Your Organization up for Success

  • Bill Parsons Chief Operating Officer, WoodWorks - Wood Products Council


• Analyzing market trends and industry projections to determine the growth in demand for mass timber in the coming years 

• Exploring the current key drivers behind a growing demand for mass timber, and understanding how these will evolve given changing client priorities 

• Confronting the main challenges causing a constrained supply chain at the moment and the steps that all players can take to start alleviating the pressure and meet demand

4:00 pm Understanding Forest Management to Embrace More Sustainable, Affordable & Resilient Wood


• Outlining the different types and species of wood, and the sustainability considerations you should be taking into account for each one

• Mapping out the A-Z process of planting, maintaining and cutting down trees to understand what ‘true’ sustainability looks like

• Presenting this timber life cycle to owners, developers and AHJ’s, understanding how developers can balance cost with sustainability

4:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Ricky McLain Growth & Innovation Program Manager, WoodWorks

4:50 pm End of Day One

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