8:10 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

8:20 am Panel: Educating AHJs on Mass Timber as a Building Project to Overcome Common Resistance

  • Tanya Luthi Vice President, Structures, Entuitive
  • Ethan Martin Director of Sustainability & Mass Timber, DCI Engineers
  • Kyle Rendall Director of Construction Administration, KSS Architects


  • Discussing common questions and pushbacks from code officials regarding mass timber building technologies
  • Benchmarking the best ways to present the right information to negotiate approvals
  • Discovering how to approach education in states new to mass timber and how to secure approvals in unchartered waters

9:00 am Overviewing Regional Code Adoption & How That Is Impacting the Growth of Mass Timber

  • Jeff Morrow Mass Timber Business Development, Timberlab


  • Highlighting the main differences in code adoptions across various states
  • Exploring what this means for you and how to work in a region with a restrictive adoption
  • Fast forward to 2024: Outlining how this will change with the new ICC changes and how to be ready for the next step

9:40 am Morning Refreshments

Cutting-Edge Connections

10:10 am Panel: Exploring Different Options for Hybrid Buildings to Make Mass Timber a More Viable Option


  • Outlining the different options for hybrid designs and when they are most appropriate
  • Finding the right balance of materials to build hybrid systems economically
  • Discussing the roadblocks that arise when designing a hybrid building and how to overcome them

10:50 am Discussing Wood X Wood Connections Throughout Ancient History & Modern Case Studies


  • Looking back to look forward: How does all-wood structural joinery marry ancient craft with future-leaning CNC milling technology to deliver beautiful connections that have the opportunity to save carbon, cost, and time?
  • Investigating the current state of the industry in this realm as it relates to wood doweling, duo gong, and other interlocking wood connection types
  • Evaluating the potential for challenges as it relates to regional constraints, fire-resistivity, and constructability

Labor & Jobsite Security

10:10 am Panel: Evaluating the Evolution of Insurance Programs for Mass Timber Projects


  • Understanding the main concerns of insurance firms when it comes to insuring a mass timber project and how that is impacting cost premiums
  • Discussing what can be used to allay these fears, prove quality of products and services, and secure more reasonable insurance packages
  • Overviewing the evolution of the insurance market and the role of these firms in the growth of Mass Timber in the future

10:50 am Outlining the Realities of Labor Costs & Availability for Mass Timber Projects


  • From skills to numbers: Reviewing the labor requirements of mass timber projects
  • Understanding how to work with Superintendents during preconstruction to determine accurate labor requirements and pricing
  • Comparing cost differences between working in union or non-union areas

12:00 pm Lunch Break

Moving the Needle With Design Innovation

1:00 pm Panel: Discussing When to Bring in Various Partners During Design Assist to Optimize Design Decision Making


  • Mapping the optimal timeline for bringing in each partner
  • Discussing the challenges that can occur when the timing isn’t right for bringing different partners on board, whether too early or too late
  • Building robust communication channels and integrated design workflows to effectively document changes and lessons learned

1:40 pm Case Studies: Discussing Approaches to Overcome Regulatory Pushback & Innovate Tall Mass Timber Building Design


  • Discussing different tests that have been done to support the approval of more innovative designs
  • Revealing how the most forward-thinking teams are educating regulatory officials and overcoming AHJ concerns to build taller, more innovative structures
  • Discovering some of the untapped opportunities of timber as a material to inspire and excite your team

Transportation & Installation

1:00 pm Audience Discussion: Streamlining Transportation of Material From Factory to Jobsite to Maximize Speed & Efficiency of Erection


  • Moving away from just-in-time delivery: Benchmarking the most effective strategies to minimize delivery delays and how this impacts onsite logistics
  • Discussing the best materials and equipment for packaging and protecting timber that minimizes cost and maximizes reuse where possible
  • Evaluating creative methods of loading assemblies onto trucks to maximize space and minimize damage

1:40 pm Re-Evaluating Installation Logistics to Save Time & Labor


  • Reviewing some of the common gaps in trade coordination onsite
  • Building a robust plan to prevent these issues and maximize speed of erection
  • Taking lessons learned from complex projects to further improve training of field workers on mass timber projects

2:20 pm Afternoon Refreshments

2:50 pm Evaluating the 2024 Code Changes & What It Means for You to Push Design Innovation

  • Jason Smart Director – Fire Engineering, American Wood Council


  • Highlighting the main changes that the 2024 code will bring and why these changes have been made
  • Overviewing projects already adopting these provisions early in design and what this means for the development of Mass Timber structures
  • Discussing how to begin adopting more forward-thinking aspects within your own projects

3:30 pm Panel: Exploring the Future of Mass Timber in the Construction Industry


  • Exploring how mass timber is being used on newer building types such as warehouses and laboratories, and what might be next on the horizon
  • Discussing how the evolution of more collaborative project delivery is supporting mass timber projects and what more still needs to be done to optimize
  • Evaluating how the supply chain is evolving and how this may reshape traditional partnering approaches in the coming years

4:10 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:20 pm End of Conference