7:50 am Chair’s Welcome

Evaluating Mass Timber as an Option for Your Project

8:00 am Assessing the Business Case for Pursuing Mass Timber for Your Project & Selling It to the Team

  • Tim Gokhman Managing Director, New Land Enterprises
  • Jason Korb Principal Architect, Korb + Associates Architects


  • Underlining the sustainability, aesthetic and seismic resistance benefits that make mass timber an attractive construction choice for owners and architects
  • Dispelling myths around fire-resistance and installation to combat uncertainty over product safety
  • Analyzing the cost model for mass timber projects: What is the true cost of the material, and what factors may offset higher construction spending?

8:20 am Case Study: Why Did We Choose Mass Timber & How Did We Get the Buy- In of the Wider Team to Think Differently About the Project?


  • Underlining the motivations for considering mass timber as an option: What questions did we have to ask to truly understand the viability of mass timber prefabrication for our project?
  • Reviewing the challenges that occurred with harnessing a new technology and who was critical to bring into the conversation to overcome these initial hurdles
  • Securing buy-in from all parties by clearly communicating throughout the hiring and bidding process to improve collaboration and increase ownership of the project

8:40 am Exploring the Planning Complexities of Mass Timber: Reviewing Code Restrictions, Design & Manufacturing Limitations That Impact Design & Construction Outcomes


  • Highlighting code restrictions that impact design flexibility and complexity, and how teams can navigate these to effectively deliver the client vision
  • Discovering manufacturing and installation limitations that further restrict design options for mass timber projects
  • Driving early decision-making to prevent elevated costs and understand the requirements for your project team prior to bidding

9:00 am Live Q&A: Evaluating the Drivers & Limitations of Using Mass Timber


Q&A will give you the opportunity to have your questions answered, so that you can move beyond the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ to get to the ‘how’.

9:20 am Break/Refresh


During this time you will have the opportunity to drop in and discuss how to get started on a mass timber project.

Setting up Your Project for Success

10:00 am Panel: Navigating the Supply Chain & Selecting the Right Partners for Your Project


  • Understanding the true capabilities of potential timber fabricators to select suppliers with the right knowledge and capabilities that meet the end-user’s prerequisites
  • Structuring your procurement outreach to contractors and trade partners to help meet the demands of the project and improve chances of success with a new product
  • Rethinking procurement timelines and contracting methods to ensure you have the right parties at the table at the right time to streamline design development

10:30 am Lifting the Lid on the Manufacturing & Installation Process & How This Impacts Early Planning & Design


  • Outlining the end-to-end manufacturing process for mass timber products to understand size, structural, and transportation capabilities
  • Turning your workflow upside down: Discovering ways manufacturers can best support designers upfront during the design stage to minimize rework
  • Understanding how timber providers are integrating products into construction projects to improve collaboration and understanding of all parties in the building

10:55 am Translating Design Decisions Into Cost & Scheduling to Impact the Bottom Line


  • Assessing the cost of mass timber construction and comparing it to other building materials to set up your mass timber project for success
  • Maximizing the tools available for AEC teams to facilitate accurate cost estimating of mass timber construction and improve ROI
  • Highlighting early design decisions for greater efficiency and to optimize the cost and project schedule of the mass timber project workflow

11:20 am Speed Networking


Grab a quick cup of coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen and jump straight into this exclusive virtual speed networking! This session is the ideal opportunity to meet face-to-face and establish meaningful business relationships.

11:40 am Case Study: Achieving Success With Mass Timber as a Hybrid Solution to Help Teams Navigate Complex Code Restrictions


  • Understanding why we pursued a concrete-timber hybrid structure for 77 Wade to evolve code restrictions and meet the expectations of the client
  • Mapping out the end-to-end workflow with all project partners to develop a prototypical solution that is commercially viable and competitive with all construction materials
  • Underlining the challenges with adapting workflows to pursue a hybrid facility and how we overcame these to meet the expectations of the client and authorities

12:05 pm Case Study: Optimizing Coordination With Multiple Suppliers & Manufacturers to Deliver Cost-Effective Projects


  • Developing a set protocol and understanding with all project stakeholders to improve design to manufacturing coordination
  • Onboarding and integrating subcontractors in the schematic phase of a project to optimize time and prevent rework
  • Working with advanced technologies and BIM modeling to improve coordination and identify potential obstacles earlier in project de

Designing for Mass Timber Construction

12:30 pm Break/Refresh

1:00 pm Setting up a Collaborative Design-Assist Process With All Project Partners to Optimize Project Delivery


  • Establishing a collaborative culture and common goal from day one to streamline design development
  • Understanding the role of the mass timber manufacturer in design and how to effectively integrate them with the wider project team to cover every aspect of design and engineering
  • Highlighting the decisions that must be made earlier in design development to positively impact project cost and schedule

1:20 pm Case Study: Exploring How the Use of Mass Timber Changes the Way MEP Contractors Integrate & Coordinate on the Project


  • Ensuring the entire team approaches the project with an open mind to rethink typical construction methods and more effectively integrate with a timber structural system
  • Understanding the opportunities and restrictions placed on MEP workflows to guarantee teams can complete installation faster when moving to site
  • Exploring how to maximize your seat at the table during early design development to fully understand project complexities and bring best value to meet client demand

1:40 pm Live Q&A & Audience Discussion

2:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

2:10 pm End of Day One